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GB Instagram Latest Updated Version 2020

GB Instagram is one of the most using social App nowadays. It is rated the number one mod app. Because it provides a lot of features and function which official Instagram doesn’t provide. Everyone wants to download this mod App. But there is a lot of fake and scammer site which only provides information, not Apk file. After a lot of research and with a deep study I have written this article about Gb Instagram. All the information is real. Also, I have provided an option to Download Gb Instagram Apk. So, that you can use it on your device and get the benefit.

Instagram Overview

Everyone already knows about Instagram. But here I want to describe some basic information about Instagram for new users. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps after Facebook. The people are moving toward Instagram after Facebook. Because the reason behind this is that it allows amazing features and functions.

Actually the basic purpose of Instagram is to share your pics, videos, stories, and bios with your friends and other people. Also, it provides the option to chat with someone like Facebook. You can comment, like and dislike other people’s pics, videos and stories. Most people use it for entertainment and time pass. But some people use it for their business. Instagram Influence is the best way to advertise your business through social media.

But there are some issues in official Instagram. Because it doesn’t allow you to save or download other people’s pics, videos, stories, and bio. Also, it doesn’t provide full access to its privacy features. Due to this reason, users of official Instagram are frustrating. They want full feature access on Instagram. So like GB WhatsApp there is another app which is known as GB Instagram. GB Instagram solves all the problems like downloading images, videos, and bios, etc. For More Information.


What Is GB Insta?

Gb Insta is an interesting Social media App. It allows a lot of features to its users. Also, it provides the facility to share stories, videos, and images on social media. Actually, Gb Instagram is almost the same as the official Instagram. But it provides access to those features that official Instagram doesn’t provide. Also, its privacy features make it more interesting.

It allows you to download pics, videos, stories and bio of other Instagram users. Also, there are many different types of themes. So you can download these theme and apply on your Instagram. Also, you can customize these themes according to your needs.

One of the most interesting things in GbInsta is that you can run two Instagram accounts at a time on your device. The one account will be for official Instagram and another for GbInsta. Also, you can increase your followers by using its amazing features.

What Is The Difference Between Instagram And GB Instagram?

Actually, GB Instagram is the moded version of Original Instagram. The main difference between them is feature access. Orignal Instagram doesn’t provide you access to some features. But in Gb Instagram, you have access to all the features.


Is It Safe To Use GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is 100% safe to use. It is a copy of the original Instagram app. Also, it uses the same server as the original Instagram use. The main difference is the access to features that original Instagram doesn’t provide you. Before download, it makes sure that you are downloading it from a trusted source.

GB Instagram Features

Gb Instagram has a lot of features. All these features have their own functionality and purpose. Here I’m describing some main features of Gb Instagram.

Copy Features

  • If you like Bio of someone else you can copy it.
  • You can copy the comments of someone else and can use it later.
  • Count you all notifications with GbInstagram.
  • You can translate comments if they are in any other language.
  • You can share audio and video links.
  • Use dual Instagram on the same device at a time.
  • The video will play with audio automatically on GbInstagram. You have to change in setting once.

Display Features

  • There is a lot of themes that you can download and set on your GbInstagram.
  • GB Instagram allows you to customize the theme.
  • Also, you can download videos of another Instagram user.
  • You can download images of another Instagram user.
  • You can zoom the profile pic of someone else.

What’s New In Latest Version?

  • Fixed bubble
  • Make a chat favorite Add tag in story
  • IGTV support
  • Themes fixed
  • Add voice note in the story
  • Crash fixed
  • No ban issue.
  • Video call support

File Information

Version 1.60
Size 38.8 MB
Root Not Required
Device Support 4.0 or Above
Update March 2020

Download GbInsta Apk File

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Installation Process Of GB Instagram

But the most important thing about GbInstagram that it is not available on the play store. Due to this People have to face a lot of problems while downloading it. Because Gb Instagram is a modded app. So you have to download it from Google and install it on your android device. Also, It is a very difficult task for those who are downloading and installing the mod app Apk first time. Actually, the main reason behind this is that many sites provide just basic information about Gb Instagram.

They don’t provide Apk file and installation method on Android Os. But you don’t need to take tension. Because I have described the complete method of Installing GbInstagram on Android Os.

You have simply followed these steps in sequence.

Step 1) Enable Installation From Unknown Sources

First of all, you have to go to your device setting. It’s a very easy task and everyone knows where is the device setting.


Now scroll down the setting app and find the advance setting option. This option will be available on android 6.0 or earlier version. In Android 7.0 or above version you have to find the Lock Screen and Security option. My device version is 7.0. So I will provide screenshots according to my device. Screenshots are given below.


In the Lock Screen and Security option, there will be the other option to install unknown sources.

GBInstagram Apk Download Latest Version For Android

At last, you have to enable the installation from unknown sources in order to install GbInstagram. After enabling this you have to follow step 2 which is given below.

Step 2) Installation Of GB Instagram

Now in Step 2 simply you have to download the apk file from the download button which I have given above. So, you don’t worry its not a lengthy procedure. Because Its time to install GbInstagram. I have given a few steps. Please follow these steps in order to install GbInstagram.

  • Download the Apk file which I have given above.
  • From the file, manager installs the apk file.
  • Now its time to open the GbInstagram.
  • Accept all the agreement in GbInstagram.
  • Now enter your account and go ahead.
  • Its time to enjoy the amazing features of GbInstagram.


I hope you like this article. Also, you will get benefit from the information that I have provided. Now install the Gb Instagram and use its amazing features. Also, I’m using GbInsta. It’s an amazing mod app. In the Last, I have summarized the overall content for your assistance.

  • Instagram Overview
  • What Is GB Instagram?
  • What Is The Difference Between Instagram And GB Instagram?
  • Is It Safe To Use GB Instagram?
  • GB Instagram Features
  • What’s New In Latest Version?
  • File Information
  • Download GbInstagram Apk File
  • Installation Process Of GB Instagram

What would you feel after using Gb Instagram? Tell me or give me any suggestion about your experience by commenting or E-mail.

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