GB WhatsApp Latest Updated Version Download Apk File

GB WhatsApp Latest Updated Version | Download Apk File

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The latest version of GB WhatsApp is released. It has amazing features and characteristics. If you are an already GB Whatsapp user then you have to download this latest version of GB Whatsapp. Because there is a lot of new features added in this WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Overview

WhatsApp is one of the most important and most using Application nowadays. Because it provides a lot of features. By using WhatsApp you can do chat with your friends and other peoples. Also, it provides the features of both audio and video call. There an emojis panel from where you can send a different kind of emojis to your friends. Also, people use WhatsApp for the publicity of their products and items. In short words, we can say that Whatsapp has made our life so easy there is no limit of distance. You can use it anywhere in the world.

As we know that everything has its weakness or lack of something. Similarly, in Ordinary Whatsapp, there are also a lot of feature deficiencies. In Whatsapp, you can send only 25 Mb of a file to others. The status sending limit is of 30 seconds. You cannot send the status of more than 30 Seconds. There are some basic themes and colors in ordinary WhatsApp. The pics you will send through official WhatsApp will be blurred. Because official WhatsApp does not support pics pixels accurately.


You have not allowed full access to WhatsApp. People get frustrated when they have only some specific things on official WhatsApp. Also, they are very limited to their features. But in today life every person wants something new and having more features. GB Whatsapp provides the solution of all these problems and deficiencies which people have to face in official WhatsApp. For More Information.

What Is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is another Version of WhatsApp. In other, we say that its not official Version of Whatsapp. But it is very similar to official WhatsApp and has more functions and characteristics from official WhatsApp. If you are a new user then it will be an amazing App for you. Also, the most important thing is that you don’t need to uninstall official WhatsApp. You can use both the WhatsApp on your device at a time with two different numbers.

GB Whatsapp allows you to hide your status, hide blue ticks. Also, you can download the online status of any other person. It allows you strong privacy and security. You can Select any type of theme from Gb Whatsapp library. There are almost round about 1000 themes which you can select and customize. You can send more than 25 Mb file. You can send your status online for more than 30 seconds. Also, you can disable calls for specific persons and send them GIF also. Moreover, you can change tick styles according to your own choice. Actually, GB WhatsApp is a Mod Apk. This mod app is developed for the people to provide them more facilities. The important features are that it provides a full privacy policy.

GB WhatsApp Latest Updated Version | Download Apk File

GB WhatsApp Features

GB Whatsapp provides a lot of features to its user. I have tried to explain some of them. Because there are a lot of features of this WhatsApp.


Privacy Features

  • Hide the online status.
  • Hide blue ticks for others when you read and received any message.
  • You can hide second ticks for others when you delivered any message.
  • You can hide recording Status for others during recording your voice.
  • Hide your name when you view any status of other people.
  • You can hide typing for others When you are typing a message.
  • You will get an alert if your friend has changed his image.

Sharing Features

  • You can share any files up to 100MB.
  • You can send up to 100 photos or videos at once.
  • Send an audio or music file up to 100MB.
  • You can send pictures without any loss of pixels quality.
  • You can download the status of others in your device.
  • Send contacts up to 200 at once.
  • Share your location with others within no time.

Display Features

  • You can change the missed calls icon.
  • Also, You can change the color of calls.
  • More than 1000 themes.
  • Custom Theme mode. Also, You can customize the theme according to your own requirements.
  • A large number of new emojis with different styles and types.

File Information

Version 7.0
Size 28 Mb
Root Not Required
Device Support 4.0 or Above
Update June 2019

Installation Process Of GB WhatsApp Apk On Android

The installation process of GB WhatsApp Is not so difficult as people think. It’s very easy to install. It can be difficult for new people who are installing Apk on their device the first time. Because it is not available on google play store. You have to download it from google. But for the people who install apk files on their device its very easy task. Also, the people who are going to install it the first time don’t be a worry. Because I tell you the installation method of GB WhatsApp step by step. You have to simply follow these steps one by one.

Step 1) Enable Installation From Unknown Sources

First of all, go to your device setting. It’s a very easy task and everyone knows where is the device setting.

GBWhatsApp Latest Updated Version | Download Apk File

Now scroll down the setting app and find the advance setting option. This option will be available on android 6.0 or earlier version. In Android 7.0 or above version you have to find the Lock Screen and Security option. My device version is 7.0. So I will provide screenshots according to my device.

GBWhatsApp Latest Updated Version | Download Apk File

In the Lock Screen and Security option, there will be the other option to install unknown sources.

GBWhatsApp Latest Updated Version | Download Apk File

At the last, you have to enable the installation from unknown sources in order to install GB WhatsApp.

Step 2) Installation Of GB WhatsApp

Now in Step 2 simply you have to download the apk file from the download button which I have given above. Don’t be worry its not a lengthy procedure. Because Its time to install GB WhatsApp. I have given a few steps. Please follow these steps in order to install GB WhatsApp.

  • Download the Apk file which I have given above.
  • From the file, manager installs the apk file.
  • Now its time to open the GB WhatsApp.
  • Accept all the agreement in GB WhatsApp.
  • Now enter your Cell number and go ahead.
  • Its time to enjoy the amazing features of GB WhatsApp.

Download GB WhatsApp Apk File

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At last, after a lot of experiments and experience, we have concluded that GbWhatsapp is the best one. It really provides a lot of features which are very useful. By using it our lot of problems can be solved which we have in official WhatsApp. In the Last, I have summarized the overall content for your assistance.

  • WhatsApp Overview
  • What Is GBWhatsApp?
  • GBWhatsApp Features
  • File Information
  • Download GBWhatsApp Apk File
  • Installation Process Of GBWhatsApp

What would you feel after using Gb Whatsapp? Tell me or give me any suggestion about your experience by commenting or E-mail.

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