Security Robots Are Mobile Surveillance Equipment

Security Robots Are Mobile Surveillance Equipment


Security Robots Are Mobile Surveillance Equipment. Today we live in a world where technology is progressing day by day. There is no doubt that technology is making helpful resources. In order to make our lives more easier. Technology is converting this world into a technological world.  Technology has dramatically modified our daily lives. Due to advancements in technology, we have the assistance to communicate, study, shop, work and many more. So, all of these things making humans life very fast. But along with positive aspects, there are some negative aspects of advancement in technology. Many people think that in coming future humans will be replaced with robots. Because we see today in many fields robots are working.

Security Robots Are Mobile Surveillance Devices Not Human Replacements

Today security robots are working in different places like shopping malls, public places, offices, research labs and many more. Because these robots are the best substitutes of human guards. Also, these robots work fast and efficiently. Actually, these robots are well programmed. Friendly patrol robots are the best substitute for human guards. Because they collect more data than human guards. Also, they keep eye on every weak point, In order to raise the security high.

According To the report of the OneZero Knightscope rents its robots to different organizations. Because they don’t sell their robots. Any organization or company can hire their robots on contract. Knightscope will fully provide their services regarding their robots. Knightscope rented out their robots to hospitals, casinos, and many other large companies. The main purpose of these robots is to collect data. Such as face recognition scans, license plates scans and the presence of nearby mobile devices. Although it is the kind of constant low-level monitoring that only a machine can perform.

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K5 Robot Of Knightscope

According to an internal report of the Huntington Park Police Department from California reveals the secret of the K5 robot of Knightscope is sensors. Because in June Huntington Park Police Department has leased Knightscope K5 robot for patrol parks and buildings. When a passer pushed the emergency button of a robot. It starts making headlines to report a fight in the neighborhood. Also, according to NBC news the robot pause to tell visitors “ please keep the park clean” by ignoring women.

Huntington Park Police Department of California noted that Knightscope robots are the most powerful. Because these robots start to identify nearby smartphones along with their IP and MAC addresses from a large unknown range. Stories tell that Knightscope robots are missing as a substitute for human security guard. But also they have a lot of potential for surveillance equipment.

Knightscope is making their robots more and more efficient. Although there are still a lot of deficiencies in their robots. For example, Knightscope robots cannot arrest the culprits physically. Also, they cannot climb stairs and meet the criminals. If these robots have made many headlines in the past they have to pratfall due to robots working deficiency or any other technical problem.

Security Robots Are Mobile Surveillance Equipment

Knightscope also uses its robots for scanning telephones. These robots not only identify the name of the user but also tells his daily routine. Such as how often the user has visited a certain area and also how long they stay there. According to Knightscope, these robots can also be used as a proxy. In order to keep out unwanted people by making a white list of approved devices. In this way, these robots will scan only unknown devices. For More Details.


What Knightscope Claims?

Each robot has its own purpose. These robots are very consistent and powerful. These robots have a very strong battery backup. Due to this, they can run up to 24 hours a day. After that, you have to charge these robots. These robots have infrared cameras. Due to this reason, they can see in the dark.

Knightscope claims that its robots are substantially spare devices, intended to recoup for a lack of staff, snift problems, and undeniability the police. But in an age when computer systems are replacing people in increasing areas of life. They are likely to gradually play an increasingly prominent role, leaning on their monitoring skills. In the future, Knightscope robots will be more efficient. They will work faster in an effective way. Because there is still working on the robots. All of this will be due to technological progress.


Technology is making our life very easy. Such as robots are working in many fields instead of humans. In one way it is making our life easy but in another way, we can say it is the death of the human future. Because in future robots will seem to work. Then there will be no need for humans. In this way, humanity will not survive. But we cannot estimate now that what will be the incoming future. In the future may be a great opportunity for humans. So, we don’t think negative from now. We always think positive. Because where is a difficulty there is ease.

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  • Security Robot Are Mobile Surveillance Devices Not Human Replacements
  • K5 Robot Of Knightscope
  • What Knightscope Claims?

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